Cadillac Kings Inland Empire If you have questions please call us at (909) king-310 or (909) 546-4310

We are a club started in May of 2005 in the Inland Empire.  At the first meeting in Riverside, CA we had about 12 guys show up.  Of those 12 guys,  2 are still actively involved in the club.  Two of us here in the Inland Empire Chapter. We have grown to include California chapters in LA, OC, SD, Temecula, Antelope Valley, San Jose, Central Valley, Bakersfield, North Bay, San Fernando, East Bay...Chapters in Spokane, WA, Phoenix, AZ,  Albuquerque, NM,  Philidelphia, PA, Cleveland, OH, North Carlolina...with international chapters in Canada, Denmark and France...

Our meetings are held every second Sunday 10 AM Please call 909-546-4310 for current location

We accept Cadillac's all the way to 1975, sorry nothing newer!

Come check us out!

If you have question please call us at (909) king-310 or (909) 546-4310