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These bylaws will be used as guidelines for the overall operation of the Cadillac Kings Car Club. Bylaws are set in place to help individual chapters and members understand what is expected of them, as well as protect the Cadillac King Car Club name and reputation throughout our local communities.


     Section 1.
     Chapters are defined as individual groups of members living within the same geographical  area.

     Section 2.
     In order to start and maintain a chapter the following bylaws must be upheld:
          a) Minimum of 3 members with Cadillac's from 1976 or older;
          b) Must be approved by majority committee vote;
          c) 6 month probationary period on new chapters;
          d) Must have website or social media presence supporting and promoting their chapter.

     Section 3.
     Chapters will have monthly meetings within reason.

     Section 4.            
     Chapter will be represented by a minimum of {1) officer or member at annual all chapter functions assuming they are within a reasonable travel distance.

     Section 5.            
     Chapters have the option to decide whether or not to collect dues from members.

     Section 6.            
     Chapter heads include President, Vice President and one other officer of the club making it {3) chapter heads per chapter.

     Section 7.            
     Chapter heads are responsible for voting on certain topics and ideas that are brought up by the Chapter Head Committee. Each chapter head gets one
     vote, yes or no.  Votes must be entered within 72 hours from time of debate in order for a chapter head vote to count.


Car Club Growth

     Section 1.
     A maximum number of two new chapters per year will be approved.  Annual chapter dues of $100.00 will be paid by January 15th of every year. This
     money will be used to help fund future meetings, website design/hosting and any other projects that are deemed suitable. Any chapter that decides
     not to pay the annual dues by January 15th will be put on probation. If annual chapter dues are not collected within 60 days, the chapter will default
     and a vote will take place to decide the future of the chapter.


Chapter Head Committee

     Section 1.            
     Chapter Head Committee is in place to expedite the decision making process on future changes to the club as we grow, as well as many issues
     and conflicts that arise as a result. The Chapter Head Committee is formed of Chapter heads from different chapters. Any issues between chapters
     or internally need to be addressed immediately and directly to the Chapter Head Committee.

     Section 2.
     Chapter Head Committee has the right to put any chapter on a probationary period, remove president and/or other chapter heads as well as shut
     down a chapter if deemed necessary. All decisions by Chapter Head Committee will be based on what is best for the club as a whole and our reputation
     in our local communities.

     Section 3.            
     Committee consists of veteran chapter heads {4yrs or more of membership) from different chapters voted in every 24 months by all chapter heads.


Annual Chapter Head Meeting

     Section 1.            
     A chapter head meeting will be held every 24 months whereby all chapter heads are invited and encouraged to attend. A minimum of {1) chapter head per
     chapter is required to attend within reason. During this meeting many topics and ideas will be discussed that will directly affect the club and every chapter

All Club Treasurer

    Section 1.            
     One member will be elected as All Club Treasurer whose duties and responsibilities will include the following:
          a) Collecting and tracking all annual chapter dues;
          b) Maintaining an accurate balance of all club funds;
          c) Sending quarterly reports for all chapter heads to view;
          d) Allocating funds for purchases that are approved.

     Section 2.            
     All withdraws from club account must be approved by the All Club Treasurer as well as Chapter Head Committee.


Club Logo

     Section 1.            
     Cadillac Kings Car Club logo must not be altered in any way.

     Section 2.             
     Chapter Head Committee, prior to production, must approve any printed shirts or merchandise that a chapter will be selling.


     Section 1.            
     Only Cadillacs and LaSalle up to the year 1976 are eligible to be in the Cadillac Kings Car Club.

     Section 2.            
     Club cars cannot belong to any other car club.  Members, however, may own multiple cars that are in other car clubs.
     Section 3.            
     Any member that is a Chapter Head are prohibited from belonging to any other car club.

     Section 4.            
     All club cars must display the club logo in at least one of the following ways:
          a) Plaque - 1-piece cast or laser cut installed in the back window
          b) Sticker - wing or rear window

     Section 1.            
     All plaques will be purchased from the same vendor in order to standardize and monitor who receives a Cadillac King Car Club metal plaque, no exceptions.

     Section 2.            
     One chapter head per chapter will be designated to be in control of ordering new plaques for their chapter.

     Section 3.            
     Any member that has been in good standing with the Cadillac Kings Car Club for a minimum of 12 months is eligible to order and install a plaque in their

     Section 4.            
     If a member who owns a plaque quits or is removed from the club, their plaque must be removed from their car and will be purchased back at a fair value by
     the chapter.

     Section 5.            
     If a veteran member (minimum 5 years) should chose to leave the club, they are able to keep their plaque, however it must removed from their car.